Park Bench with Steve Buscemi: Season 2 Episode 11
Dir. Steve Buscemi
Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Short Form Variety Series.

Amex Unstaged: Vampire Weekend Ep. 5

Dir. Steve Buscemi

Lynx spot for the launch of Lynx China, known in the US as AXE.

Dir. The McCoubrey Brothers

Bon Jovi: When We Were Beautiful extended trailer

Dir. Phil Griffin

This is Our Story: The Making of Shrek the Musical – Monsters Vs. Aliens DVD Extra

Dir. Michael J. Warren

American by Design web series for the Sundance Channel

Dir. Paul Bozymowski

To see more from the American by Design series, click HERE.

Dream the Impossible TV spot

Dir. Derek Cianfrance

To see more promos that I cut for Honda’s Dream the Impossible series, click HERE.

Gucci White Tattoo Heart Collection Web Film

Dir. Greg Brunkalla

Kobe Mentu Supertease

Dir. Michael J. Warren


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