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At one point in my life I used to write other people’s bios for websites and brochures. One day I was manning a conference where we produced a rather thick book of attendee bios and it struck me – few people read bios, they skim. With that in mind, here’s an abbreviated bio, in a skimmable format.

  • I’ve edited a wide range of material, from long-form docs to industrials, and feel at ease in any format but I’ve come to think that my strength lies in verité and multicam projects.
  • I never went to film school, but I have seen a lot of movies!
  • Story is KING, even in a 15 second spot.
  • I once read somewhere that editors are “orchestrators of picture and sound” and think it’s a pretty apt description of this profession.
  • No one has ever asked me what my editing style is or how I edit, but if someone did, I’d probably say that I edit on instinct and emotion.
  • In actuality, I think the style of a piece is determined less by the editor and more by the material at hand.
  • I cut my teeth at Rainlake Productions (, a small production company in TriBeCa, but have now moved into a fully freelance life.
  • I used to be a China guy. I’m a graduate of the Hopkins-Nanjing Center for US-China Studies and worked at the Beijing office of Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide.
  • I hold a BA in East Asian Studies from the University of Virginia.
  • I’ve lived in a lot of places. Here’s another list, in chronological order. Hong Kong. Seoul and Taegu, Korea. Taipei, Taiwan. Dhaka, Bangladesh. Exeter, NH. Charlottesville, VA. Nanjing, China. Washington D.C. Boston, MA. Beijing, China. New York, NY.
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