What’s it all about anyways?

If anyone asks me what my favorite TV show is, I answer that it’s Six Feet Under (6Ft), hands down and without a doubt.  If I’m thinking more recently though, Battlestar Gallactica (BSG) is right up there too.  If you want to know why these shows are as great as they are, you’ll start to get a sense by watching these two clips.

The clip from BSG comes from the pilot episode and the 6Ft. clip is from the last episode of the first season.  Each clip begins with a discussion about character and then leads into a larger discussion about what each show is about.  I think what you learn from these clips is that the concept of a show is important, but more importantly it’s a sort of launching pad for what ultimately becomes a study of character.  BSG is less a Sci Fi action series as it is a character drama set in space.  6 Ft is about death but it’s also about family.  Throughout both commentary tracks you get a pretty equal dosage of information about the production and also an ongoing discussion about the characters and their development.

The 6Ft. Under commentary track leans a little more towards discussions about character because the track features Alan Ball all by himself.  The BSG commentary track features Director Michael Rymer and Executive Producers David Eick and Ron Moore.  When you get multiple people doing a commentary track, the focus of the discussion tends to wander a little more, sometimes in a great way as this track does.


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