Editing is a lie. A great lie.

Ok, here are two new clips.  Upon first glance these movies have almost nothing to do with each other except that once upon a time I bought them on the black market in Beijing.  The crazy thing about that is that I’m sure I bought the Evil Dead trilogy box set at the Sanlitun Friendship Store.  The Frienship stores in China were established early on as government run department stores that catered specifically to foreigners.  My first time to China (in 1997) you couldn’t get much, but at the Friendship store you could buy cereal and milk.  But I digress…

These first few commentary posts have all come from my personal DVD collection and it’s a pretty random collection as for a while I bought DVDs pretty indiscriminately.  Not all of the DVDs I bought were complete replications of the orginal DVDs.  A lot of them are missing the special features so when choosing new clips to juxtapose, well I don’t have as much choice as I would like.  That said, connections exist where you might not think.

Take these two films.  Both films are as indie as you can get and served to launch the careers of their respective directors and each commentary track that I watched works to demystify the filmmaking process.  The Evil Dead edition that I have has two commentary tracks, one with director Sam Raimi and producer Robert Tapert, and another commentary track with Bruce Campbell.  The Raimi/Tapert track isn’t great and is full of empty dead space where no one is talking, whereas the Campbell track is both entertaining and informative.  Campbell gives an almost shot by shot breakdown of how they went about shooting the film which took years to make.  The commentary track from Sex Lies and Videotape is comprised of Steven Sodergergh and In the Company of Men director Neil LaBute who is essentially there to ask questions and keep the track moving.  There’s a lot of good stuff in each of these and well worth watching, especially when Neil LaBute calls editing a lie, a great lie, but a lie nonetheless.

Check out these two clips and you’ll see how much these directors lie to you.


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