The Genesis of an Idea – CQ and Dr. Strangelove

It’s rare for a film editor to make it into the spot light which is one of the reasons that first attracted me to Roman Coppola’s film CQ – that and the soundtrack to the movie by Mellow.  A month or so ago I was flipping through my DVD collection and decided to re-watch the film with the commentary track.  Early on, Roman Coppola states that CQ is a “love letter” to film and that the movie is chalk full of film references.

In the scene below Coppola explains a reference to the theatrical trailer to Dr. Strangelove,  which is one of my favorite films of all time.  While I had seen the film plenty, I had never seen the trailer and that’s when the light bulb went off – albeit only dimly.

At the same time I was reading two compilations of interviews with film editors (First Cut: Conversations with Film Editors and Selected Takes: Film Editors on Editing).  The interviews were great when I had seen the film that was being discussed.  For films that I hadn’t seen, it was still interesting but I had no visual reference for what was being talked about.

The combination of watching the commentary track for CQ and reading those books led pretty directly to this blog.  Now, enough chatter!  Check out these clips!

I have to imagine that when the trailer for Dr. Strangelove was cut, having to make a trailer with a long succession of quick cuts to actual film must have been a huge pain in the rear.


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