On Acting

Each of the commentary tracks from the following three films are terrific.  The True Romance DVD actually has multiple commentary tracks but the one I watched was by the director, Tony Scott.  Right off the bat you get a strong sense for the respect Scott had for Tarantino’s script and throughout the commentary Scott discusses the various decisions he made to showcase the script through the acting.

The commentary track for Big Trouble in Little China is much different and is mostly Kurt Russel and John Carpenter reminiscing about the making of the film and going off on random tangents.  30 seconds into the track you understand that these are two friends who like hanging out with each other.

The Donnie Darko track is a sort of mixture of the two styles of commentary.  Director Richard Kelly provides a lot of insight into the themes and making of the film while Jake Gyllenhaal provides the comic relief.  If you’re still wondering what Donnie Darko was all about, this is a great commentary to watch.

There’s a lot of great stuff throughout all of these commentary tracks but in this case I’ve pulled clips that all relate to acting.


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