Documentary Integrity

Commentary tracks for documentary films are quite different from narrative feature films.  The commentary tracks essentially give the director/s a chance to overtly discuss the themes and subtexts of their films.  That and stories from the trenches of guerilla productions.

I chose both of these clips for multiple reasons.  The Kid Stays in the Picture is one of the more entertaining documentaries out there but it becomes apparent very early on in the commentary how much thought went into the crafting of this film.  Some Kind of Monster is a documentary that was produced at the company where I’ve been doing a fair deal of work recently and is as different stylistically from “the Kid” as you can get.  One film is completely archival and the other almost completely verite.  Watching each of the commentary tracks though, you get a real sense for how much integrity plays a role in the filmmaking process for each of these filmmaking teams.

Both of these clips discuss objectivity in documentary filmmaking, an important topic as both of the filmmaking duos for both films became quite involved with the subjects of their films.  Plus I thought it was cool that Brett Morgan from “the Kid” makes a reference to Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky.

(a quick sidenote:  the commentary track for “the Kid” is divided into two sections, the first narrated solely by Brett Morgen and the second narrated solely by Nanette Burstein)


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